I am a fully qualified Dr Vodder School Manual Lymph Drainage practitioner and whilst training for my MLD qualifications I felt intuitively that this was a treatment that could be usefully applied to horses.

This led me to train in Germany through the School of Veterinary Medicine, Hanover University, where I became the first overseas candidate to qualify to use MLD with animals under the auspices of the Europäisches Seminar für Equine Lymphdrainage. I started Equine MLD in the UK in 2006 and now have an international practice.

A trip to California put me in touch with Dr Verena Affolter at the University of California, Davis which led to a successful small trial into the use of combined decongestive therapy for horses with chronic progressive lymphoedema, which was subsequently published in the Equine Veterinary Education Journal. Since starting Equine MLD I have received emails from people living all around the world, wanting to know more about the equine lymphatic system and conditions affecting their horses, bringing home to me how little information is generally available about these. My own interest in laminitis quickly showed me the extent to which the lymphatic system is either ignored or misunderstood, leading to me setting up my own current small project, which I hope may encourage more interest in the lymphatic component of this disease.

I have ridden most of my life, have equine industry qualifications (NVQ, BHS and ABRS) and am a qualified groom and riding instructor. I enjoy teaching, and working with my local Pony Club Centre here in the Midlands.

In addition to treating animals I work with people who find manual lymph drainage effective for a very wide range of medical conditions, cosmetic purposes and relaxation, and and treat lymphoedema and related conditions such as venous insufficiency oedema.

I am also a massage therapist, working with people in a wide range of professions and activities, who may be wanting to maintain competition fitness, or recover from an event or injury, or just to relax. I frequently combine massage techniques with mld for greater effect, and incorporate Deep Oscillation Therapy® and Kinesiotaping® where appropriate. If you are interested in knowing more about my practice with people please visit my website: www.mldandmassage.weebly.com or contact me

Previously I studied cinematography at the National Film and Television School and have produced and directed programmes for the BBC and C4 in the UK. I am still a keen photographer, often but not always of horses!

What Clients have said:

Cobweb, a 15.2h dapple grey mare contracted acute laminitis after aborting a foal.  At first it was touch and go, everyone was very worried, by fortunate coincidence her owner had just been reading about EMLD and contacted Heather, who came straight out.  Each time Heather treated her the mare’s mobility improved noticeably.  On the vet’s follow up visit she was amazed at her progress, and thankfully Cobweb went on to make a complete recovery.”  PT, livery yard owner

“When Cleo developed lymphedema following severe lymphangitis, my vet did not offer an optimistic prognosis and had no real treatment options.  Her leg was becoming  gradually more and more swollen and she was listless and uncomfortable when she walked.  Heather’s MLD treatment turned things around completely.  Not only did the swelling in her leg go down, but her attitude and energy level improved remarkably.  Now, she trots, canters, gallops and goes on trail rides.  I think this treatment has given her many years of good life that she would not have had otherwise.”  SF, owner 

“As a veterinarian in Budapest, Hungary, I encounter many cases which do not respond to conventional medical solutions.  Whiskey, a 20 year old gelding was brought in to the clinic with chronic lymphoedema.  Episodes of high fever, loss of appetite, bad condition and an enormously oedemic hindlimb were the main problems. At this time I did not have too much experience with EMLD, but thanks to Heather’s professional advice and help, EMLD was able to help this horse out of this situation.  With appropriate therapy and EMLD, this horse recovered from the active phase of lymphoedema within 2 weeks, and could continue his pensioner years at home.” LP, veterinariandusk